Belgian Button Company - the name behind gifts and promotional materials


Buttons! A concept in our current world since 1977.

The Belgian Button Company was founded in 1977 in Deinze, and is therefore the first, oldest and largest button company in Belgium. Thanks to competitive prices, fast delivery and super smooth service our company quickly evolved to a household name in the world of advertising, marketing and promotion. "The name behind gifts and promotional materials" is not just our motto as such.

Buttons are an indispensable part of our society, you see them everywhere: on all kinds of manifestations, demonstrations, performances, conferences, receptions, private parties, baby showers, bachelor parties... from contracts for social organisations and public authorities to giant commercial campaigns, you can name it, there are buttons made for. With D-pin/safety pin, or clothes-and fridge magnet, finish with mirror or as a bottle opener, the range always gets wider; always commissioned according to his specific design.

acid house

Smiley created a true button craze.

In the early 1990s, the PINS made their entry into the range of the Belgian Button Company and also this article was a hit whose success still rising. Nowadays, practically every politician wears a pin on his vest and many of them come from the Belgian Button Company. We always ame for a good quality, competitive prices and the fastest possible delivery period.

The keyfobs complete the range and still remain a nice article that can be developed in different ways: according to own design and production quality, a button or a pin with keyfob finishing are also possible... We make every effort to meet the needs of the customer.

After many years in Deinze, the business was destroyed by huge fire in 2006, but the activities were soon re-booted from a new location in Ghent where the success story continued for about 9 and a half years.

But just as in soccer, it was again time for a change of players and in the summer of 2015 the Belgian Button Company moved to Antwerp, where it is currently located in the heart of Diamant District, near the Central Station which assures a good accessibility for our customers.

The quest for a sustainable and social entrepreneurship remains the core of our business since 1977. Belgian Button Company follows to this day, the social evolution in the world and always keeps its finger on the pulse.